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Introducing Little Dutch...

Little Dutch is a company founded over 10 years ago by sister duo Rinke and Marije after fellow teacher, Rinke wasn't able to find what she was looking for for the arrival of her daughter. Sounds familiar, right? The company offers modern nursery toys and accessories for babies and children. Their stunning designs use soft tones making them stand out in a world of bright plastic. Little Dutch is a welcome alternative.

Little Dutch state that it is their mission to 'contribute to the important early years of a child's life by producing items that offer both warmth and comfort for little ones and playful and educational toys to support children in the different stages of their development'. So for me, not only do they produce beautifully designed and sustainably sourced wooden toys, but they also carefully think about toys that support development through play. Rainbow Sensory Gifts has always been about supporting development through play, making Little Dutch a brand I had to stock.

This particular brand had been on my 'want list' for many months - I adored the soft tones and the uniqueness of the brand. We launched with a small selection (and what a launch it would prove to be!):
  • Pull Alongs
  • Tea Sets
  • Building Blocks
  • Sorting Cube
  • Zoo Puzzle 
  • Blue Xylophones
These sold out so quickly! The first selection of toys I picked for their play potential but also ensuring they suited a variety of ages (0m-36m+) and gave a feel for the brand. 

Why Did I Choose These Items?

Pull Alongs:
  • Push Along toys helps to support the development of gross and fine motor skills. 
  • Little hands will learn to grip and hold the toy whilst leg and arm muscles are strengthened pushing/pulling the toy along
  • These toys teach about early movement and force
  • We stock and elephant and tiger with another addition coming soon...
  • These are expected back in stock on 24th April but register for automatic email notification via the links above to avoid missing out.

Little Dutch Elephant Pull Along Rainbow Sensory Gifts

Tea Sets
  • Supports development of imagination and allows toddlers to use items to represent ideas and make believe. 
  • Supports speech and language development - communication and social skills are strongly supported by role playing and allows your little one to ask, answer, negotiate, practice manners and talk about items being used in tea party role play scenarios. 
    • perhaps add rice, shredded paper, dried chickpeas to add a sensory element
  • We stock a beautiful baby pink set as well as a more neutral mint green set. These are currently out of stock but register for automatic email notification once it comes back in stock via the links above to avoid missing out.

Little Dutch Tea Set Pink Rainbow Sensory Gifts

Building Blocks
  • It is no surprise that building blocks have been one of the most popular toddler toys for decades; they offer huge potential for supporting development and are the classic open ended toy that allows your little one no end of play options.
  • Perfect for supporting early maths with shape and counting. 
  • Supports fine motor development - stacking blocks also supports hand-eye coordination.
  • Teaches toddlers to problem solve and think logically - how can I get this block/tower to not fall etc.?
  • Also supports language development - plenty of opportunities to talk through and about whats being made- introducing and exposing new language to little ones
  • We stock these building block sets in blue and pink. These are expected back in stock on 24th April but register for automatic email notification via the links above to avoid missing out.

Little Dutch Building Blocks Pink Rainbow Sensory Gifts

Sorting Cube
  • Another traditional toy that has been around centuries and perfect for supporting development through play.
  • Perfect for early maths - what shapes have we got? how many sides? further support speech and language by asking, what colours?
  • Great for problem solving - little hands have to manipulate and work out how to fit pieces into the slots - lots of trial and error will occur and your little one will in turn learn the notion of cause and effect - learning that, when correctly slotted, the piece fits and drops down - yay!
  • Again, another great toy for fine motor skills - little hands will grasp and manipulate the chunky 3D shapes.
  • We currently offer this in pinks but we will add a blue as soon as it becomes available. Avoid missing out and get notified as soon as this is back in stock here - expected 24th April.

Little Dutch Shape Sorter Rainbow Sensory Gifts

Zoo Puzzle
  • Gorgeous chunky animals which slot beautifully into the wooden puzzle board.
  • Perfect for fine motor skills, these figures can be grasped and manipulated and slotted correctly into place.
  • Puzzles support cognitive development and encourage children to use trial and error to solve the problem of finding the correct slot.
  • This beautiful puzzle allows for plenty of discussion - learning animal names and sounds as well as colours.
  • The animals can free stand and double up to create small world play scenarios which in turn supports imagination.
  • This is currently in stock and available here

Little Dutch Zoo Puzzle Rainbow Sensory Gifts

  • The xylophones, as well as other musical instruments provide the resources to allow and encourage toddlers to self express and communicate through sounds.
  • Music helps young children gain active listening skills and develop communication tools.
  • Xylophones allow freedom to explore tones and sound as well as supporting motor skills.
  • We currently stock this in blues and will be adding the pink version soon...
  • The blue xylophone is currently in stock and available here.

Little Dutch Xylophone Blue Rainbow Sensory Gifts

We will be adding to this range over the next few weeks and all toys are selected on their play potential and picked on how they support development through play. As an early years teacher, I am conscious to provide toys that support every area of development and hopefully over the next few weeks and months this will show with the products that we stock at RSG.
Katie x

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