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kiddiekin Dog Baby Sensory Play Set

kiddiekin Dog Baby Sensory Play Set

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Dog Baby Sensory Play Set

Our baby sensory play sets aim to support your baby's development through play and support the following:

  • Encourage an interest in colour
  • Encourages physical development through response to touch and handling of items.
  • Enjoy social stimulation; smile, laugh, gurgle
  • Encourage the development of hand-eye coordination
  • Encourage babies to respond to facial expression
  • Encourage and support eyes to track and follow objects, in-turn strengthening eye muscles
  • Encourage and support auditory development - turning to sounds made and creating sounds

Each set includes:

Crinkly Newspaper

These award winning sensory stimulating newspapers offer a unique reading material for your baby. Soft, tactile and washable they are a resource that can be played with at home and taken out and about with you.

  • Use in tummy time and allow baby to focus on the bold illustrations
  • Put under baby’s feet when lying on a play mat and allow baby to kick and create a sound
  • Read and talk through the newspaper with baby, introducing language and changing the tone of your voice for baby to hear.
  • Allow baby to grab, crunch and feel the texture while sat with you.


Petit Boum Sensory Bottle (float style)

Handmade in Spain, these high-quality sensory bottles are the perfect addition to your little one’s toy collection. Safe, tested and the ideal size for little hands to turn, tip, manipulate and explore. Bottles are double sealed for your piece of mind.

  • Lie with baby and turn bottle so baby can watch the contents gently fall.
  • Allow baby to turn, tip and shake the bottle.
  • Move the bottle out of reach to encourage baby to move towards.
  • Shine a light through the bottle to show the contents in a dark room



These super cute hand puppets are soft to snuggle up to! Support visual stimulation with baby and explore the different fabrics and textures. As your little one grows, encourage story telling and even pair up with your favourite stories.


  • Hide objects (perhaps sensory ball) inside the puppet and allow baby to explore and discover your hidden object.
  • Use the puppet to tickle baby.
  • Allow babies to feel puppet and the texture.
  • Play hide and seek with the puppet and sensory scarf.
  • Use your puppet when reading a story together.
  • Add a smell sensory element by adding a few drops of vanilla etc. to the puppet and allow baby to smell as you wave the puppet past them.
  • Create a puppet show - babies will anticipate when the puppet will pop up.

Product specifications:

Age recommendation

3 months

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