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Petit Boum Rainbow Touch Sacks

Petit Boum Rainbow Touch Sacks

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Petit Boum Rainbow Touch Sacks

Rainbow Touch Sacks are four cotton sachets filled with carefully selected materials that become a sensory gift to encourage babies to explore the world while continuing to play. Inspired by Montessori pedagogy, these sensory bags offer a variety of sounds and textures to stimulate the development of the stereognostic sense, which is the one allowing us to recognise an object without the intervention of our sight. The clue cards complete the game, with which baby will test his or her deductive ability. The images and the content of the sachets are related, so that a wide range of possibilities opens: from grouping each card with its sachet, to hiding one of the cards and discovering through touch which sachet is left, to improvising our own memo matching the contents of the sachets with the hidden pictures under the cards
backwards. Playing with Rainbow Touch Sacks encourages babies to autonomously explore with their bodies, to develop hand-eye coordination, and to bring them closer to scientific hypotheses based on volume, quantity or weight comparisons.


Great for:

  • physical development
  • understanding the world 


Product specifications:

Age recommendation

12+ months

Size of the sacks and tokens:

10 x 10 cm

Bag size:

22 x 30 cm

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